Dr. Maths Classes 1-6

Dr. Maths is a mathematics learning program designed for children in the age group of 5-12 years or classes 1-6. Thousands of children have benefited from the "Dr. Maths method" at the learning centres we have been running for several years. We now bring the very same methods to the convenience and safety of your home.

Children often experience concept gaps when classroom lessons move on before they have been able to master mathematical concepts. It is important to address these concept gaps as early as possible, else the fear of numbers can grow very rapidly  leaving  the child feeling inadequate and overwhelmed.
Dr. Maths drives to fill these concept gaps through two basic components: The Foundation component and the Supplementary component. The Foundation is a carefully designed sequenced self-learning program spread over twelve modules for each class. The Supplementary component comprises of online assessment and links to video tutorials and online games that help to reinforce key concepts.The focus is on the cognitive manner in which children actually think and learn. In this program, children learn in small steps at a comfortable pace, moving from simple to complex. Further, the goal of the program is to help children  understand  the`why’ rather than only master the `how’. This ensures that learning is more permanent and enjoyable.