About Us


Mathematics is a core subject in school curriculum around the world. Not just that, mathematics continues to be a part of our daily live in multiple ways much beyond the school years. At Dr. Maths, we seek to build strong mathematical concepts and skills in early years, which serve as the basic building blocks for the child’s lifelong learning and love for mathematics. Mathematics is largely a sequential subject wherein later and more advanced concepts are built on earlier and simpler ones. It is imperative to work on a child’s mathematical skills in early years - that is the best gift you can give your child.

Our learning centres have achieved impressive results over the years and we have a large number of very satisfied students and parents. Dr. Maths now brings the same energy and expertise to your child in the safety and convenience of your home through our `home subscription’ program. We also hope to reach out to a much larger geography within and outside the country.


Our Team

The Dr. Maths team is a group of motivated and dedicated professionals who share a common passion for improving mathematics education for young children.

Sarita Mathur, is an alumnus of St. Stephen’s College with a degree in Mathematics and a post - graduate degree in Operations Research. As Principal Senior School at The Shri Ram School, Gurgaon, Sarita institutionalized several important changes, placing it on the map as a top school in India. Having taught Mathematics to students from classes ranging 3 to 12, she delights in designing games, activities and lively lesson plans that make mathematics lucid and real. With her many years of classroom experience, and venerable training expertise Sarita brings an enriched, fresh and fun element to the Dr.Maths program.

Sunita Baveja is a co-founder of Dr. Maths and one of the key architects of the program. A Roll of Honour alumnus from IIM Calcutta with an Economics degree from Lady Shri Ram College for Women, Delhi, Sunita also has hands on experience in mathematics teaching. She has also run a Maths Lab at a leading school in Delhi. Having worked in the corporate sector for 12 years before moving to the education sector Sunita brings to the table a compelling clarity of thought and an incisive focus that makes the Dr. Math the crisp and concise program that it is.

Swati Prasad Dr. Maths was born out of Swati’s entrepreneurial vision and passion for teaching. Co-founder of the company, Swati successfully managed the flagship Dr. Maths Learning Centre at Gurgaon for several years and built a formidable reputation in a very demanding market. Her dedication and commitment led to the program achieving phenomenal results and it obtained a large clientele of very satisfied parents and students. This accumulated hands-on experience of working with young children has been critical in shaping a program that is tuned to the way children think and learn. A certified Public Accountant, Swati was working with Price Waterhouse Coopers, Chicago prior to co-founding the company.