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a2.jpgThe Foundation Component

The program for each class is divided into 12 modules, each covering a particular concept relevant to that class. Each concept is presented with a unique insight to the cognitive manner by which children actually construct the meaning of abstract concepts .The progression is gentle, deliberate and focused. The sheets are designed to keep parent involvement at a minimal level, except where help is needed with reading for younger children.

The number of worksheets in every module varies between 40 to 60 sheets, depending on the breadth, depth and complexity of the concepts being dealt with.The sheets are visually appealing and child friendly, with minimal text, especially for the lower grades.

Each module contains four types of sheets: Explanation Consolidation Enrichment Mixed Bag

Supplementary Component

This part of the program is entirely on-line with a user log-in. It comprises of

Assessments: Short multiple choice tests your child can take after completing a specific module of his/her class. This will help assess how effective the learning has been. Tests can be repeated multiple times .An option for creating a customised test across several modules also exists.

Video links: A selection of the best online video tutorials that provide a lucid explanation of key concepts.

Game links: Interactive games that make concept learning exciting and fun.