Dr. Maths @ Schools

After spectacular success with students and parents at Dr. Maths Learning Centres and as a self-study program at home, Dr. Maths is now also being offered as an after-school activity at some of the top schools in Delhi NCR. As an after-school activity, Dr. Maths offers a combination of its carefully designed and sequenced learning program, instruction by Dr Maths certified teachers and use of tools and learning aids to build solid mathematical concepts. We have worked closely with schools so that the program is purpose built and fully aligned to the subject curriculum and sequencing at the school. In addition, every class includes a hands-on math activity or game that will make learning fun for the children while also reinforcing the concepts.

Group activities and games make the class enjoyable and introduce an element of competition and cooperation that is extremely motivating and enriching for children. Research has shown that children learn better by doing (kinesthetic learning) than simply by watching or listening (audio or visual learning), especially for abstract mathematical concepts. Dr. Maths creates a happy cheerful environment aimed at giving each child an improved confidence in numbers and problem solving. Feedback from both parents and teachers at schools has been extremely positive and encouraging. Currently discussions are under way with several other schools and in the coming months, Dr. Maths will be offering similar after-school classes at other schools in Delhi NCR.

For further information contact Swati @ 98105-62847 (MATHS)