How to Enroll >> What You Need to Know

img10.jpgWe want to keep it very simple. Easy for you means easy for us too!

Here is what you need to know before you enroll.

1.Sample the Program: Before you subscribe, you may wish to sample the program. Please visit our “Sample the Program” section to view sample worksheets, online assessments and links to video tutorials and online games.

2.Subscription Options: You can subscribe to the Dr.Maths program either through an annual subscription or a 6 month subscription. In the latter you have an option of choosing either the first 6 modules or the last 6 modules. You can subscribe at any time of the year.

3.Pricing: The annual subscription for a class (12 modules) comes to you at a price of Rs.8500 while the 6 month subscription (first or last 6 modules) is available for Rs.5000.
4.Mode of payment: You can pay online using credit card or by mailing us a cheque to our office address.

5.Confirmation and Delivery: You will receive a confirmation email from us as soon as we receive credit of your payment. Within thirty days of receiving your payment, We will deliver to you (via courier) the first quarterly pack of modules.