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Aaditya Bhashyam enjoys Dr. Maths. It is a fun learning portal that encourages the learning of age-appropriate Mathematics for children. It has helped Aaditya improve his understanding of many concepts. Good to know that Dr. Maths is there to help children find their feet in Maths.

Aaditya Bhashyam | Geetha Bhashyam | 4, Shriram School

Thanks to the Dr.Maths program, my daughter is not scared of maths anymore. She enjoys doing the worksheets every day.

Anjana Shraddha | Mother of Siya | Student of Class 3

I’m a maths graduate myself and I must say that the Dr.Maths program is exceptionally well structured to make learning easy and fun. In particular, the sequence in which the concepts and the worksheets are presented is superb.

Gunjan Aggarwal | Mother of Tanya | Student of Class 2

Our son has moved from “I hate Maths” to “I like working with numbers” through your program. Thank you!

Swati Ahluwalia | Mother of Siddharth | Student of Class 2

Dr.Maths - the “Indian way” to do well in Maths. We are now in Thailand and my daughter is seeing the benefits of what she learnt with Dr. Maths!

Sarina Sirihorachai | Mother of Sunika and Annika | Students of Class 3 and Class 1

What I like about Dr. Maths is that you are not focusing on rote learning and excessive repetition to build speed. After doing Dr. Maths, my child understands the concept well and is able to identify on her own the operation she must use to solve a particular problem. This makes her very confident and has led to improved speed as well.

Nitika Aggarwal | Mother of Avanti Aggarwal | Student of Class 2

My son learnt fractions through you. While doing the fractions module with him, my own clarity on various concepts improved tremendously. I am so glad that Dr. Maths is there to help my child.

Chitra Nair | Mother of Madhav | Student of Class 2

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